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Internet of Things Consortium

The Connected Future Summit


Thank you to all those who attended and participated

See You Next Year!


Gio Benitez | ABC News


Ron Peri

Ron Peri | Procter & Gamble Head of Connected Product and IT Innovation

Attending IoTC Members

On Nov 12, the IoT Consortium brought IoT to New York City

Since 2016, the IoT Consortium has united the most powerful & influential executives at a succession of member meetings & VIP events. At NYC’s The TimesCenter (November 12, 2019), we took this to the next level with the launch of IoTC NEXT.

With an audience of the most innovative & instrumental minds across Technology, Consumer, Enterprise and Government, brand executives, technology experts, and leading influencers united to answer 1 key question: How can we create a connected and ethical future?

Featuring unique networking experiences, a highly-curated program & inspirational speakers, IoTC NEXT presented crucial learnings and inspirational ideas around future trends and challenges across Smart Cities, Connected Home, Future Mobility, Wearables & Retail Innovation.

Those who've attended one the IoTCs get togethers over the past three years will tell you…

an IoTC executive summit CAN'T be missed.

Lani Ingram


They always put on fantastic networking events where we can learn from each other and see how we can progress in the industry

Doug Chartier


The IoTC dinner has been fabulous.  We’ve met such a diverse group of folks. Unbelievable event!

Nitin Chawla


Excited to be a part of the IOT meet folks from across different industries and explore different ways of taking Disney Immersive Storytelling to millions of homes

What makes IoTC NEXT unique?

  • EXPERIENCE New York City as the NEW Hub for the Internet of Things
  • Help BUILD an ethical society as part of the future connected world
  • FEEL INSPIRED with a simplified roadmap to IoT implementation
  • UNDERSTAND key considerations to take projects from Pilot to Scale
  • COLLABORATE effectively with the entire executive team with a focus on uniting CTOs, CSOs and CMOs.
  • REACH latest start-ups and disruptive players game-changing landscapes
  • LEARN what financing is available for IoT projects
  • SECURE your IoT projects effectively with privacy and consumer at the forefront

About the IoTC

The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) is the premier business development association for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. It is comprised of leading founders, executives and global companies in IoT. The IoTC’s mission is to ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s efforts through strategic partnerships. The organization focuses on five key verticals: connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables. Learn more about the IoTC.